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We look forward to sharing this journey

Welcome!   We are very excited about helping to re-energize and inspire your Teams in a way that is fun and enriching, but that also adds real value to your organization by instilling communication, leadership and relationship practices that make a difference to productivity, communication and morale. 


We look forward to discovering the gifts and energy that your Team brings and creating a program that is optimal for them and your organization,


Warm Regards, 

Val and Janet

Who We Are

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Val Shah

Val is CEO and Founder of DRŌM,  a practice she created that utilizes rhythm, music, drumming and activity to combine movement and mindfulness.  

Val is an international presenter who promotes the importance of mental health and well-being.  Since 2006, Val has shared her unique version of exercise and meditation with thousands of people across the globe, in person and virtually.

From corporate events and speaking engagements to energizers and wellness workshops, Val brings her positivity and passion to every event.

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Janet Kosowan

Janet is a Professional Coach (CPC),  Happiness Expert & Trainer (Happiness Studies Academy) and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.  Janet is the creator and producer of The Happiness Show - a 12 episode TV series and has a coaching and workshop company called Eudaimonia Coaching.

Janet has coached hundreds of individuals and Teams as a lead trainer in the world renowned Dale Carnegie Program which focused on leadership, communication and relationships.

I truly believe that there is greatness in all of us.  I combine the principles of Happiness with energy based coaching to allow people to discover their purpose & potential and to optimizing their gifts and talents so that they live an authentic and powerful life, both personally and professionally.

"Val Shah is a brilliant presenter and facilitator inspiring and empowering groups to ‘Come Alive’ through the combination of energizing movement, drumming and mindfulness.  The stress of everyday life melts away creating new space for creativity, fun and connection with the power of DRŌM."

Simone Usselman, Stress Reduction,
Mindset Mastery & Personal Success Coach

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